Colour Consultancy Limited

Colour Management sales and support for the Proofing and Industrial UV Printing Market both here in the UK and Europe

Why purchase from us?

Some Consultants will refuse to recommend certain products and remain “Neutral”.

35 years experience in this industry has led us to the conclusion that some systems work and more importantly are better supported than others….

Proofing (Aqueous Printers)

Colour Consultancy Limited believe that Epson offer the best printers for proofing.
We have installed dozens of Epson printers both here in the UK and Europe.
Our customers replace with the same brand at end of life.

EFI Fiery XF is the best all round Cross Platform RIP solution backed by World Class Support. This proofing and production RIP works both on the Mac and PC. The support is prompt, precise and excellent. The European Support is based in Ratingen Germany. All support staff are fluent in English.

Production (LED UV/Textile Printers)

EFI produce the best all round Industrial UV/Textile printers on the market backed by World Class Support. We work closely with EFI everyday on their industrial printers.
Once again the all important support is excellent. EFI have a dedicated team looking after the Fiery XF Vutek customers in Brussels Belgium. All support staff are fluent in English.

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NEW - EFI Fiery
XF 7.2

  • The long awaited EFI Fiery XF 7 is finally shipping!
Now Shipping

What do we like?

  • Many new production drivers!
  • Fiery XF 7 is now a very serious production RIP!
  • A completely redesigned Color Editor option with ability to optimize Spot Colours!
  • Barcode support
  • Unified Print Environment
  • Command Workstation support

New Color Tools Option

  • EFI Colour Manager has been replaced by the newly redesigned EFI Colour Tools (based on EFI Colour Profiler Suite)