Important News! EFI Fiery XF 7.1 is now shipping!

The long anticipated arrival of Fiery XF 7.1 is finally here! This is no ordinary upgrade from EFI....Fiery XF 7 has a completely redesigned Client interface based around EFI's award winning Command Workstation 6 (the regular EFI Client is no longer available). EFI Command Workstation 6 can now connect to both Fiery XF 7 servers and regular Cut Sheet Fiery DFE controllers (such as those that drive Xerox, Canon, Konica Minolta and Ricoh Cut sheet devices). This has been designed to create a Unified Print Environment. No longer will users have to battle with different RIP solutions. Finally ALL supported systems can be viewed from one interface!

We have moved to new offices!

We have recently completed the move to our new offices located in the grounds of the Hexgreave Hall Estate in Nottinghamshire UK. We can now finally demonstrate the features and benefits of our new Epson SC-P7000 Violet Spectro printer! This Epson LFP can be driven by either EFI Fiery XF, ONYX Production House or Caldera!

Epson SC-P7000 Violet Spectro. Why Spectro model? What is a Spectro?

The "Spectro" stands for "X-Rite Spectroproofer". This optional built in measuring device can both build and verify profiles automatically! Some customers will use this for verifying proofs only. Other customers will build RGB and CMYK Contone profiles directly from the RIP! If you are used to building profiles by hand then this will be a big time saver for your business!

Click below for our new address. Would you like a demonstration?

NEW - EFI Fiery XF shipping!

The long awaited EFI Fiery XF 6 is finally shipping! This brand new version adds support for Windows 10 and Mac OS 10.13

What do we like?

EFI have added over 60 new production drivers!
Fiery XF 6 is now a very serious production RIP!

A completely redesigned Color Editor option with ability to optimize Spot Colours!

Customisable interface

New Color Tools Option

EFI Colour Manager has been replaced by the newly redesigned EFI Colour Tools (based on EFI Colour Profiler Suite)

  1. Dynamic Chart generation
  2. Fully adjustable Black Generation controls
  3. Support for EFI ES2000/Xrite i1 Pro 2
  4. Full colour editing tools!
  5. New Total Ink Limit feature for our EFI wide and superwide printers